Workshops for practitioners at all levels and all stages of the SAM journey


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*Unless otherwise indicated, all online workshops will take place from 08:30 am – 12:00 pm Central Time-zone (UTC -6), North America on their scheduled day.

SAM Playbook: Foundational skills for driving superior customer results (Core 0): 
    In-person:  July 16-17, 2024 (Chicago), and July 15-16, 2025 (Chicago)
Value Co-Discovery and Strategic Account Planning (Core 1): 
    Online:  June 24-27,  July 29-Aug 1, and October 21-24
Co-Creation and Quantification of Value (Core 2): 
    Online:  November 19-20
Leading and Influencing Your Strategic Account (Core 3): 
    Online:  June 19-20,  July 23-24, and September 17-18
Managing the Customer Relationship and Value Journey (Core 4): 
    Online:  June 11-12, and October 29-30
    In-person:  July 18 (Chicago)
Leading and Managing a Multifunctional Team (E3): 
    Online:  November 13-14
Monetization of value (E16): 
    In-person:  July 17 (Chicago)
    Online:  November 5-6




Outstanding strategic account managers outperform average ones by a factor of 3X. And our research shows that only 35% of SAMs are performing “above average”
 or “outstanding.”


Why SAMA Academy Training?

You can hire so-so SAMs; it’s actually not that hard. But to achieve distinctive, differentiating value for your company, only tailored, competency-driven training will consistently produce ace SAMs who dramatically outperform their peers. SAMA’s training is:

  • Designed specifically for strategic account managers
  • Based on a proven competency model developed from years of benchmarking data
  • Facilitated by a proven network of trainers who are experts in the art and science of strategic account management



In-person training:  Learn, exchange ideas and network with your peers at an in-person training event. Each year, SAMA hosts events in the United States and Europe.

Online training:  These 100% live, 100% online courses bring the knowledge and peer-to-peer networking of live training to the comfort and convenience of your home office. Depending on the course, workshops take place over either two or four consecutive half-days. 

Self-led training:  Learners will be guided through a mix of self-paced learning modules and a virtual online experience consisting of participant-submitted video assignments reviewed and critiqued by an expert. 

Private training:  If you have 15+ people interested in SAMA Academy training, we can work with our training partners to schedule either in-person or online training that fit your company’s needs and schedule. Please contact for more information. 

SAMA’s Certified Strategic Account Manager (CSAM) program provides participants with the skill set, mindset and frameworks to build lasting growth with your company’s most important customers. Learn how.


Academy Workshop Pricing as of January 1, 2023 (per training unit) 


Training Unit Fee

   Corporate Member


   Individual Member




Classes that require 2 training units:  CORE 0, CORE 1 and all Self-led

We can help you map out your (or your team’s) personal journey based on your present-day strengths and your future objectives. 

All SAMA Academy workshops connect to SAMA’s strategic account management competency model and renowned value co-creation and relationship management framework. Need help with a specific facet of the process of SAM competency? Click on each course description to see how it connects to the SAMA framework and competency model

Need more guidance? SAMA’s Individual Competency Assessment will give you a snapshot of an account manager’s current strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to create a personalized learning and development roadmap. 

Want to see how SAMA’s Individual Competency Assessment can help chart your path to higher growth, more innovation and deeper, more resilient customer relationships? Click here or email

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