Strategic negotiation: Changing the conversation from price to solutions - E5

    July 18, 2024 (Chicago)

Unless otherwise indicated, all online workshops will take place 8:30am–12:00pm Central Time (UTC -6) (Chicago).

Training Units: 1

Training type available:
     • In-Person (1 day)
     • Online (2 consecutive half-days)

     Corporate Member = $995
     Individual Member = $1,045
     Non-Member = $1,195

Competencies covered:

  • Communication & influence skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Cultural knowledge & sensitivity

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Recommended Audience: SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM Program Leaders, SAM Managers, Cross-functional team members

Level of proficiency: Foundational / Intermediate

Certification eligibility: Yes

Presented by: Think! Inc

The strategic account manager is uniquely positioned to undertake negotiations that will result in not just a good deal but a great deal. In this session you will bring an account negotiation with you and learn how to diagnose the underlying structure or "blueprint" of a negotiation so you can consistently start turning in great deals. This course shows strategic account managers how to use their relationships, access to information, teams and analytical abilities to forge blockbuster deals with customers. Course Requirements: Bring an account negotiation with you that we will work on and apply concepts to during the session.



  • How to audit and improve your personal negotiation skills for:
    • Determining and acquiring power in high-level, complex negotiations
    • Developing strategies for dealing with irrational competitive offers
    • Finding ways to create measurable business value by taking pressure off price
    • Developing effective ways to negotiate solutions vs. price
  • A structured approach to complex business negotiation
  • How to integrate this common language and process within your strategic account organization and account team


We specialize in driving organic growth in complex B2B environments. Our expertise is large geographically diverse companies such as Microsoft, FedEx, Honeywell, Lucent, Coca-Cola, etc. We've consulted in 46 countries on over 20,000 business deals.

Think! Inc. (Business Negotiation Redefined) was founded in 1996 by Brian Dietmeyer, VP National Sales at Marriott International and Dr. Max Bazerman of the Harvard Business School. 5600blue (Competing at the Speed of Change) was introduced in 2011.

Our approach to negotiation skills is differentiated in a couple key areas:

  • The first is that all negotiations follow a pattern and 97% of buyer behavior follows two patterns; commoditization attempts and concession pressure. Our proprietary approach for Blueprinting Negotiation focuses on delivering insight data to sales teams to anticipate and counter commoditization and concession pressure.
  • The second is that our negotiation training solution is very straight forward (3 key principles) and fact based and is purpose built to be integrated upstream into your selling methodology.

Faculty: Think! Inc