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    Helping you become essential to your customers

    We empower you with knowledge, training and tools to grow your most important customer relationships.


Your customer relationships aren't as sturdy as you think. That is because a staggering 71% of B2B customers say they are open to switching suppliers given the right opportunity. While your customers may be strategic to you, ​the only thing that truly matters is whether YOU are strategic to THEM.




The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) equips B2B companies around the world with resources, processes and best practices that enable them to become and remain essential to their most important customers. 


So how can SAMA help you position your customers at the center of your corporate strategy?


It's not just what you know but who you know. Once you become a member of the SAMA community, you will have instant access to the largest community in the world focused on strategic account management.
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Featured Events:

Pan-European Conference
11-12 March | Prague
SAMA Annual Conference
May 18-20 | San Diego

Learn directly from the best and the brightest. SAMA's conferences offer five total days of visionary keynotes, practical workshops and unparalleled networking with the foremost practitioners of strategic customer management.

Up Next:

SAMA Academy Ft. Lauderdale

February 10 -13

Forget the "what." SAMA Academy is all about the "how." Using your own customer challenges as a springboard, gain the knowledge, frameworks and tools to forge closer, more profitable relationships with your most important customers.


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“SAMA provides us access to best practices, training and research in the areas of strategic account management from innovative selling organizations, including our own successful customers who are members as well. Corporate membership has proven to be an excellent investment in building and sustaining a world-class global sales force.”