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    Helping you become essential to your customers

    We empower you with knowledge, training and tools to grow your most important customer relationships.


The glue binding you to your customers isn’t as strong as you think it is. 71% of B2B customers report being willing to switch suppliers whenever necessary. The key to eliminating strategic account defections is to become essential to your customers.

SAMA enables world-class companies to gain competitive advantage and secure market position by helping them build world-class capabilities around strategic account management. We do this through our unique position as the convener of the largest, most diverse community of strategic accounts practitioners in the world. We tap them for insights, benchmarking and best practices, which we then share with the entire community.

Knowledge &
best-practice sharing

Our community comprises hundreds of the world’s foremost B2B enterprises, who have all mastered the art of becoming indispensable to their customers. We mine them for insights and best practices and then share them with SAMA members through webinars, case studies, research and more.
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Tools to benchmark your program or individual account managers

Having worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of strategic, key and global account managers, we have a wealth of data on how the best do what they do — and the tools to benchmark against to help you guide resource investments.
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Tailored, competency-driven training & certification

The best strategic and key account managers outperform average ones by a factor of 3X. We train and certify SAMs, KAMs and GAMs to develop the skills they need to co-create sustainable, long-term value with and for their strategic customers.

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Whether you are looking for the WHAT, the HOW or the WHO, SAMA can connect you with people who have “been there, done that.” Through live and virtual conferences, symposia and peer-to-peer matchmaking, we are the conveners of the largest community in the world dedicated to the application of strategic account management.
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Up Next:

SAMA Academy - Virtual

September-November, 2020

With in-person meetings these days rare or non-existent, strategic account managers face more pressure than ever to be...well...AMAZING. You're being asked to help your customers navigate an avalanche of risks, maintain customer C-level relevance in a world of noise and uncertainty, align your own company around your customers' most urgent needs — and to do all this without the usual support and camaraderie of your colleagues. No pressure!

SAMA's live, virtual training equips strategic account managers and their support teams with the skills and mindset they need to excel in today's business climate.

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Negotiations experts Vantage Partners share this and other lessons borrowed from the U.S. military and the world of battlefield negotiations. Not only do the authors share five widely practiced negotiation missteps, they also offer up five corresponding strategies to help guide your next negotiation toward a more mutually productive outcome.

Featured Event:

SAMA Virtual  Annual Conference
November 9-11, 2020

While the world feels less predictable than ever before, one thing is certain: Your company's fortunes depend on your relationships with your most important customers. That means you need answers on how to swiftly and decisively adapt to their shifting needs and expectations. With more than 25 sessions featuring live chat and Q&A, post-session speaker roundtables, virtual networking events and customizable one-on-one workshops, it's the SAMA Annual Conference you know and love — only this time, it's virtual.



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“SAMA provides us access to best practices, training and research in the areas of strategic account management from innovative selling organizations, including our own successful customers who are members as well. Corporate membership has proven to be an excellent investment in building and sustaining a world-class global sales force.”