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    Account-Based Marketing

    Customer-led, Team-enabled

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Online (2 non-consecutive half-days)

**Date Change**
(8:30 AM-12:00 PM CST)
December 7-8, 2021


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Recommended audience: Marketing teams, SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM program leaders, CX (customer experience teams), cross-functional team members 

Level of proficiency: Marketing for strategic account management

Account-based marketing strategy: Dominique Côté, Founder/CEO, Cosawi; and Kate Burda, Founder/CEO, Kate Burda & Co.

Platform integration & execution: Jerry Alderman, CEO, Valkre



Shedding light on the next generation of account-based marketing

We can all agree that customer-centricity and customer focus are the cornerstones of effective strategic account management and keys to being differentiated and relevant. We understand that it is not how we sell but rather how customers buy. We know the value of understanding our customers, their organizations, their vision and what they are trying to achieve to enable a co-created future. 

Yet, if you were to look at ABM methodology that is widely used and accepted, you may see just the opposite…what you may find is an approach based upon products, campaigns or offerings, and n inside-out way of working conflicting with the outside-in mindset that is at the core of how we ask SAMs to engage to enable higher-order partnerships.

It is not surprising that SAMs can feel like they need to be superheroes and can sometimes feel lonely in their leadership of strategic accounts.

The next generation of effective account-based marketing will be solely focused on the customer journey from point of inspiration to point of sale and beyond – and how we as a team can connect with them throughout.

Gone are the days of marketing-led, sales-enabled account-based marketing. The next generation will be customer-led, team-enabled and will be defined by Marketing and SAM as co-orchestrators.

What is ABM? 

Marketing is hyper-critical in today’s commercial environment. Digital marketing and e-commerce have taken on a life of their own and have created opportunities to engage with customers in a much more meaningful way. Account-based marketing takes a deep dive into how we create communication points with our customers from the time of inspiration to purchase or decision making and, hopefully, across a lifetime of customer interactions. 

What is important in today’s ABM 

When you connect with customers: 

Connecting with your customers early creates mindshare; if you have mindshare, you have market share and share of wallet. 

How you engage with customers: 

Customer-centricity is mission critical to be effective. What you are sharing must be valuable to your customer based on where they are on their journey. Many times, organizations show up with seemingly valuable insights; however, those insights are poorly timed given the state of mind of the consumer. Insights are only valuable if they bring something of relevance. 

Account-based marketing should drive the process of providing these insights and the trends relevant to the customer’s points of communication. By collecting and digesting insights and distilling them into actionable information, ABM contributes to helping the SAM understand the customer at a deeper level. 

ABM integration and role: 

Gone are the days of the pull-push price model, where marketing is first, followed by sales strategies, then pricing teams. To be truly customer-centric, the customer’s journey dictates who is the best to engage with customers and at what time. This decision is based on customer preferences. Best-in-class organizations have not just a collaborative environment, but also an integrated approach designed around the customer. 

Why now? 

Today more than ever, we have seen unprecedented effectiveness brought about by digital marketing and creativity. Technological advancements are happening at rapid fire. What we know is that having a foundation of how we integrate and a shared methodology focused on the customer keeps teams relevant and differentiated. Technology enablement expedites the impact of this well-laid foundation. Infrequently, if ever, do we see it the other way around. Long story short, best-in-class organizations have the foundational thinking and technology to accelerate results. 

Learning Option 

Day 1: Defining what account-based marketing is and designing the strategy 
This live virtual learning experience is a 4-hour interactive class that offers marketers and their teams a transformative learning experience, starting with the customer buying and decision-making journey and providing a mini-playbook methodology on the what, why and how account-based marketing can be the differentiator for the strategic account management journey and business transformation. Together, the SAM and Marketing can co-orchestrate and accelerate revenue and growth as well as build the trusted partnerships that are the goal of SAM. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It certainly takes a village to succeed in strategic account management, and this integration of SAM and ABM is the lever to do this. 

Day 2: Applying through the account plan and platform and going to execution 
This live virtual learning experience is a three-hour interactive class building on the learning of the first day and providing application/execution knowledge through showing how to integrate ABM into the account plan and collaboration platform. 

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