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Your Single Biggest Block to Unbounded Success

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | January 10th | 10a.m. UTC
Elizabeth's passion and expertise is helping professionals identify their biggest block to unbounded success. She will share her client's success stories about how applying some simple steps has led to raises, promotions, greater productivity, improved health, and overall satisfaction. High achievers are those who apply the tools and choose compassion over the critic, the champion over the doubter, and self care over the incessant machine. Unbounded success is the result of doing great work, integrating tools to take care of oneself and living with a sense of increased satisfaction. You deserve and can have all three. You will experience and acquire in-the-moment action steps to unlock your untapped inner resources, shift your biggest block, transform your career and bring more joy to your journey.

Coaching to the Behaviors that Drive SAM Execution

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | November 8th | 3p.m. UTC
In today's SAM/KAM environment, growth and results are key metrics to a sustainable SAM program. However, in our experience, there is an imbalance between coaching to the results and coaching to the behaviors that lead to results. While measuring growth is important, we have found that when the emphasis is placed on the best practices that lead to growth, results follow. Not only does this help to develop the competency of a SAM, it also enables leaders to get more done through others. In order to be most effective as SAM/KAM coaches, we must first know what "good" looks like (the "what") that is supported by a practical coaching model (the "how") for the SAM/KAM process. This session focuses on both the behaviors that lead to effective SAM execution (including co-discovery and co-creation of value) as well as coaching to these behaviors. As a result of this session, you will be able to: Benchmark against a proven approach to co-discovering and co-creating customer value developed within the SAMA community Understand the SAM/KAM behaviors that drive effective co-discovery and co-creation of value Leverage a SAM coaching process to engage more collaboratively with your internal team and bring value to the account planning, account management and value selling efforts Experience coaching to SAM execution using a proven coaching model and approach that is repeatable with your account team Identify a coaching strength you can leverage and a coaching skill to further develop in the coming months

Expand Your Influence and Accelerate SAM Performance with Emotional Intelligence

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | October 18th | 3p.m. UTC
Strategic Account Managers must rely on influence and relationship management to co-create value for customers. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a science-based methodology for achieving exceptional results. Development of EI capabilities improves interpersonal influence and relationship management performance, and studies show that strong EI competency is a predictor of performance and success. In this webinar, we will define emotional intelligence, explain the connection to strategic account management, share metrics on impact of EI on performance, discuss a case study, and provide practical tips for using this framework to improve decision making, interpersonal interactions, and influence. Participants will receive a high level model of EI and a take-away exercise for improved decision making.

Digital Disruption is Accelerating - Is Your SAM Ready to Address the Challenges and Opportunities with Your Customers?

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | August 9th | 10a.m. UTC
In a digital world, everything you thought you knew is changing, including what customers value. If you don't know what constitutes value in the digital age, how can you possibly sell it? This value is found in your understanding of your customer's response to: - Speed of innovation - new business models and customer engagement - New funding and measurement models - Revolutionary business partnerships - Unprecedented competitive threats and disruption - Tech-savvy, impatient consumers - A whole new set of priorities and outcomes with a focus on creating value and differentiation in the marketplace

Delivering the customer service promise: differentiating your business through global service management

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | July 19th | 10a.m. UTC
Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business, but actually developing and maintaining a structure for servicing global conglomerates can be a daunting task for any organization. The key to realizing a best in class service management strategy lays in the way you design, structure, and focus your service team. DHL's Customer Solutions and Innovation (CSI) team's experience defines two critical areas for success: focusing the team efforts on effective performance management to drive customer loyalty and to offer a continuous improvement agenda that serves as a platform for further growth. This session takes you through the DHL CSI service management journey and shares best practices on how to structure your service management team, both globally and locally, to deliver exceptional customer value, and offer flexibility to address diverse global customer expectations.

The Four Pillars of Effective Account Management

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | June 14th | 3p.m. UTC
As B2B industries have become increasingly commoditized, B2B companies have recognized the need for establishing a different type of relationship with their customers. Simply selling and delivering on a good set of products is no longer enough. B2B companies need to become partners with their customers, helping those customers address some of their most pressing business challenges. This had led to the proliferation of value-added services and solutions across B2B industries. It has also forced B2B companies to rethink how they manage their accounts. In this webinar, Gallup will explore what it takes for B2B organizations to implement and optimize a SAM approach. Gallup will highlight the four pillars of effective account management - blocking and tackling, relationships, opportunity and positioning - and outline the infrastructure needed to support a truly game- changing SAM approach.