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Using Voice of the Customer to Craft a Foolproof Strategic Account Plan: A practical guide for leveraging customer insights to build loyalty and gain share at your key accounts.

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | March 28th | 10a.m. UTC
In this presentation we will explore how a well-designed and executed Voice of the Customer program can provide SAM teams with the insights and direction needed to strengthen relationships with strategic accounts. Topics to be covered will include: • Effective approaches for conducting VOC research – 5 best practices for VOC Design • Key questions that provide a candid assessment of your performance • Tips for discovering sensitive information on your competitors • From insights to action: how to design an effective engagement strategy based on customer feedback • Using VOC to uncover unmet needs and areas of future growth and opportunity.

Roadmap to Breaking Silos & Leveraging Internal Capabilities: How to integrate assets & increase value creation of sustainable solutions

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | February 21st | 10a.m. UTC
The SAM is the one that is closest to the customer and understands intimately how the customers buy. Breaking internal silos and getting various enabling functions aligned with the customer’s needs is a challenge. The next-gen SAM will need these skills, and to be equipped to work alongside marketing to co-create how the SAM and Digital Marketing can be more effective in how customers buy vs. how we sell. 74% of customers say over half of their research of products and services is being done before engaging with a SAM. This is only the start. The SAM brings institutional knowledge, customer insights, and understanding of the customer’s buying journey to make the collaboration of Sales and Digital Marketing mission-critical in today’s economy. During this session, we will explore what the best do differently to create a customer buying journey roadmap, and how to equip the next-gen SAM to be the catalyst of effective customer connections. We will look at how SAMs can leverage today’s marketing capabilities (digital, personalized) to differentiate the value they bring, as well as develop scalable and replicable ones with the help of their internal Marketing group. Attendees come away with: • What the best do differently in an effective Sales and Marketing Customer Buying Journey Collaboration • The next-gen SAM competencies within the Digital Economy • How critical SAMs involvement is in building the Customer Buying Journey • The impact of targeted digital marketing to the SAM Program • How to “rally” their internal marketing capabilities in the account team • How to start the roadmap with relevant strategic customer stakeholders • The Collaborative Roadmap of how companies are building sales strategies and marketing campaigns