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Six steps for developing financially quantified value propositions

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | August 29th | 10a.m. UTC
This webinar is for all directors and senior executives who are unsure about how to develop financially quantified value propositions that capture the attention of their customers. According to McKinsey and our own research, everyone talks about value propositions, but only 5% of organizations have them and even those that do have them don’t always quantify them financially Any supplier who can quantify financially how they can help their customers grow their profits will always succeed, no matter how difficult the market conditions A lot of what constitutes value from a supplier is about helping the customer to avoid disadvantage, but, much more importantly, those suppliers who can demonstrate that they will create advantage for them will be respected and there will be fewer conversations about price.

Achieving Trusted Advisor Status with Senior Executives

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | July 18th | 10a.m. UTC
Why do executives test and screen strategic account managers? How can SAMs circumvent that process and develop trusted advisor level relationships with those executives? Based on 10 years of empirical research with more than 500 global CXO-level executives who were asked about their relationships with account managers, this webinar will reveal why some account managers gain trusted advisor status while others get the ejector seat. In this presentation, you will learn how you can become trusted advisors of C-Suite executives and how you can… • Circumvent the inevitable roadblocks, using proven techniques • Establish credibility with C-Suite executives, thereby obtaining continued access to them • Become a trusted advisor to the relevant executive for the sales opportunity On this webinar we will also explore what senior executives told us about their relationships with account managers, including how they should align with the relevant executive to win those critical key deals.