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Five ways to create a meaningful strategic account management (SAM) program

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | January 16th | 3p.m. UTC
Need to create or improve your company’s SAM program? In this webinar attendees will learn the key pillars for facilitating a strategic environment that increases the probability of a successful SAM program. Attendees will also be exposed to the program benefits and experiences that resonate with Fortune 100 customers as well as real customer examples of how to implement and capture value from some of today’s world-renowned brands.

Like all successful systems, your new or revamped SAM program will involve thorough and strategic planning. To help ensure your program’s effectiveness, this webinar will cover the five most critical elements for program success and how to apply them to your organization

These include key lessons learned on:

● Executive sponsorship: Leadership’s all-in approach garnered program success with a willingness to invest in organizational structure, be positive agents of change and pave new customer relationships.
● Exclusive financial benefits: Loyalty incentive rebates sparked the interest and, ultimately, new business from a Fortune 50 financial services organization.
● Meaningful experiences with peers: All-access, peer-to-peer networking strengthened a relationship that paid dividends with a leading accounting firm.
● Business intelligence: Measuring the relationship and new value together with customers, as well as automation for the path forward, was critical.
● Account qualification and selection methodology: Developing benchmark tools to grade the probability of success and conducting year-to-year evaluations were imperative to both company and customers.

Agile: Transforming from theory into execution

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | December 5th | 3p.m. UTC
Agile is a buzzword across teams, organizations and industries, and the research shows top performers are naturally agile. In fact, organizations that embrace agile selling see, on average, a 22% increase in win rate. However, even if you believe in the research and want to help your team become agile, it is difficult to know where to start.

Dr. Leff Bonney, of Florida State University Sales Institute, led a three-year research project that identified the importance of agile selling. When he presented the findings, the question then became, “How do we implement this?” Dr. Bonney couldn’t find a training company teaching agile selling, so he had to look elsewhere. This webinar will share what he has learned from the military, healthcare and sports industries about how to become situationally fluent and how organizations can translate those findings into implementing an agile strategy.

Participants will learn:
• How organizations can identify their unique situations

• What types of insight your organization needs
• How to train and reinforce situational fluency