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The new health system supply chain mandate: What every SAM needs to know

Hosted by: N/A | Thursday | October 8th | 5p.m. UTC
Covid-19 has painfully illuminated the healthcare supply chain’s multiple fissures and failure points. Despite numerous heroic efforts from IDNs, suppliers and distributors, too many organizations are still struggling to maintain adequate levels of PPE, essential pharmaceuticals and diagnostic testing supplies.

The silver lining: Leaders across the healthcare ecosystem recognize that the entire supply chain must evolve to become more agile and resilient. But given health systems’ precarious finances, the supply chain must evolve in ways that do not significantly increase costs.

Despite government officials’ talk of increased stockpiles and domestic manufacturing, the sustainable solution requires greater transparency across all parts of the supply chain. To deliver on this promise of increased visibility, suppliers must transform their approach to value messaging, data sharing, collaboration and strategic customer engagement.

Join Brandi Greenberg, Vice President of Advisory Board’s life sciences and healthcare ecosystem research team, as she reviews the most salient insights emerging from Advisory Board’s exploration into what it will take to enable a more modern and resilient healthcare supply chain.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:
• How the new supply chain resiliency mandates are impacting health system purchasing priorities, inventory requirements and vendor expectations
• How health system executives across finance, operations, strategy and purchasing are working together to mitigate supply chain risk
• How progressive health systems are creating new roles, leveraging data and establishing new partnerships to enhance supply-chain visibility and resilience
• How SAMs can build trust to enable the kinds of collaborative relationships and service models necessary for long-term success

Using strategic customer insights to grow sales through this crisis

Hosted by: N/A | Tuesday | October 6th | 10a.m. UTC
This webinar will expose strategic account management professionals to contemporary thinking and best practices to help them deal with strategic sourcing counterparts who have become increasigly sophisticated, demanding and empowered -- all against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic .

We will discuss strategic and tactical buy- and sell-side issues, including:
• Dealing with strategic sourcing initiatives
• Adding value when not face-to-face with customers
• Being strategic when focus is on short-term transactions
• Addressing cashflow concerns

We will also discuss how we sell/do business in a crisis, answering questions like:
• Where should we place our focus?
• How do we engage strategic sourcing customers?
• How should we contact our prospects?
• How do I close deals?
• How will we minimize business disruptions?

Driving Account Growth and Measuring the Impact of Account Plan Execution

Hosted by: N/A | Tuesday | September 29th | 3p.m. UTC
SAMA community members all share at least one common objective: to become more strategic to their most important customers. This webinar will unpack and examine how the most successful SAMs and KAMs drive proactive growth within their accounts through the development and implementation of effective growth strategies. Participants will be provided “how to” insights and takeaways to help you:
● Leverage your past proven value to identify targets for account growth and expansion.
● Develop account growth strategies that are aligned with customer objectives and success.
● Measure account planning impact with metrics that matter to you and your customer.
● Pressure test your account plan to ensure it is focused, achievable, realistic and balanced.
From the insights gained through a rich history of engagement with SAMA’s best-in-class organizations, PMI has designed and developed a practical and scalable methodology for implementing and sustaining strategic account planning and management best practices: The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning.
This webinar is part four in the SAMA-PMI webinar series on our SAM planning and management methodology. Register for this webinar and not only will you get access to parts 1 through 3 but we will send you a complimentary copy of the e-book “The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning (2nd Ed.).