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Webinar Registration: How to Strengthen Mental Toughness During Chaos


Mental toughness is the ability to perform towards the upper range of your talent and skills, regardless of the circumstances. But how do you keep your head on straight during an ongoing pandemic? No one wants to read the word “unprecedented” one more time. The world is unrelenting in demanding we focus on the struggle instead of the opportunity. It is time to get some relief and get back to business. So what's the secret of those who thrive in unknown territory like this? What are the practices that allow them to succeed with an unwavering focus? In this session, we will discuss how to mentally thrive during chaotic times and will also cover key concepts to keep you focused on your goals.

Speaker:  Bill Wallace, Executive Vice President, Revenue Storm

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Webinar Registration: Driving Strategic Account Performance with Pricing

MARCH 16, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)

It’s Day One. You have been hired to manage strategic accounts, and your CEO believes there is an opportunity to improve pricing. What should your action- and results-oriented agenda look like?

The common goal for improving pricing is to improve profits by either increasing prices or improving your product mix. Where do we look for improvements and how do we test hypotheses?

In this webinar, Tim J. Smith, PhD, Founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, will share insights into driving strategic account performance with pricing.

Attendees will learn:

  •  How price is the most powerful lever to affect account profitability
  • How to analyze accounts by price and margin performance to uncover actionable insights
  • How to increase account performance by managing price better
Speaker:  Tim J. Smith, PhD, Founder and CEO, Wiglaf Pricing

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Does Top Management Help (or Hinder) Your Strategic Account Managers?

APRIL 21, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)

Senior management can play a major role in in supporting strategic/key account managers as they seek to grow business with the firm’s most important current and potential customers. The presenters will identify five separate roles that senior managers can play; while some roles will have a positive impact on the work of their SAMs/KAMs, others will do the opposite.

Webinar participants will leave with these three takeaways:

  1. Senior managers can be very effective in supporting strategic/key account managers.
  2. Senior management involvement should be well designed.
  3. Uncontrolled senior management involvement can have negative consequences.

After attending this webinar, we recommend you audit the involvement your senior managers have with strategic/key account customers, and then take appropriate action.

Speaker:  Noel Capon, R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, Columbia Business School

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