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Intended audience:
Account Managers, Regional/Territorial Account Managers, Sales Professionals, Cross-functional strategic account team support members

Level of proficiency:

Badge of Program Completion


Membership Level Per-person
Corporate Member $2385
Individual Member $2535
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Participants with interest will be placed on a wait list. Once the cohort has reached 6 participants we will begin scheduling the session.

Account management skills for sales: How to create growth and retain your most important customers

SAMA welcomes you to Account management skills for sales: How to create growth and retain your most important customers, a fully virtual training program that equips the new-to-role account manager and/or sales professional to:

  • Elevate engagement and grow business with important customers
  • Apply best-in-class, pragmatic account management processes, principles and tools.

Build front-line salespeople’s skillset and mindset to effectively engage large and/or important accounts with behaviors that have been proven to drive growth. Begin shifting mindsets from “product-based” to “customer-centric” while positioning your firm as a true value-add solution supplier and stop customers from seeing you as “just another vendor.”

This highly interactive, blended learning experience combines digital micro-learnings with live, virtual coaching sessions to elevate, sustain and amplify business impact with the accounts you manage.

Participants will be equipped with a repeatable account-centric selling process and playbook integrating more than 20 proven principles and tools – downloadable, ”smart” editable templates that structure thinking and guide application of leading account management practices. Participants will learn best-in-class account-centric selling knowledge, skillset and mindset, preparing them to create value and accelerate growth with their own accounts by:

  • Discovering and deepening insights into the customer’s business and key stakeholder needs
  • Elevating engagement with relevant stakeholders
  • Ensuring your company's solutions are aligned to the priorities and Careabouts™ of your customers
  • Quantifying and communicating a relevant, differentiating value proposition
  • Developing and executing your account plan


Account management introduction: What the best do differently

This section prepares participants to get the most out of their Customer Solution Selling learning journey, establishes why account-based selling is a powerful and sustainable strategy to accelerate growth, and introduces the mindset and critical skills for success, beginning with how customers want to buy.

Participants will:

  • Explore what the best account managers do differently
  • Be introduced to SAMA’s best-in-class account management operating system to elevate relevance, increase customer value and grow faster

Account strategy and planning

This section equips participants with:

  • A leading-practice account strategy and planning toolkit, which they will use to create pragmatic, actionable account plans that focus on top opportunities for value creation and profitable account growth
  • A framework to apply the “Hero’s Journey” and outcome-based account scorecards as vehicles to transform how they engage customers and distinguish how they sell

Deepen customer understanding and insights

Deeply understanding the customer’s business priorities, strategies, value drivers and Careabouts™ is the foundation for account management excellence. Participants will learn how to apply powerful discovery tools, “slow down to speed up,” see more, and analyze their customer’s business to uncover insights to elevate account performance and pinpoint white space for driving future growth.

Elevate and expand relationships

Effectively engaging key stakeholders who make and influence buying decisions is essential to account-based selling. Not gaining access to the right people and calling on the wrong people are two of the top barriers to success. By analyzing how customers buy and make decisions, participants will learn how to navigate the account ecosystem, establish relevance, listen louder, identify relationship red flags, and plan for and execute great customer meetings. In doing so, they will grow account mindshare that will pull wallet share.

Align, create, quantify and communicate value

Aligning on what matters most by identifying the business fit between account needs and company capabilities, is at the heart of best-in-class account management. Participants will learn how to:

  • Prioritize a portfolio of opportunities
  • Create relevant value-based solutions
  • Craft differentiating value propositions that resonate
  • Articulate business-value stories that position the customer at the center, disrupt status quo and mobilize action

Negotiate agreement, execute and expand value

Participants will:

  • Develop strategies and tactics to negotiate agreement
  • Learn how to drive agile account/opportunity plan execution
  • Practice application of pragmatic, proven tools to implement account business reviews and identify next steps to elevate relationships, increasing competitive immunity and creating the next wave of account-driven growth

Ultimately, success is about achieving mutual goals by sustaining the change that ensures realization of desired outcomes and business impact.


Account management skills for sales: How to create growth and retain your most important customers runs over two months, with participants expected to invest approximately three days of time over the duration of the course. Workshops will be limited to 15 participants to maximize personal attention and coaching from faculty instructors. Over the course, participants will have ample opportunity to interact with peers, exchange ideas and share learnings with leading-practice account managers through online communities of practice and SAMA events.

Each participant will receive:

  • Access to SAMA’s account-based selling digital learning platform for one year
  • Access to digital micro-learning videos for one year
  • A digital/printable workbook that guides the participant through the learning journey
  • Best in-class account management tools and templates
  • A coaching guide (for participants and their manager)
  • Live virtual workshop interaction with SAMA's leading-practice account- management faculty
  • The SAMA “Account management skills for sales: How to create growth and retain your most important customers” certificate of completion/digital badge to use on their LinkedIn profile to show strong comprehension of account management principles




Participants with interest will be placed on a wait list. Once the cohort has reached 6 participants we will begin scheduling the session.

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