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    Next Generation ABM Customer-Led, Team-Enabled 

Training Units: 1

Training type available:
• In-Person (1 day)
• Online (2 consecutive half-days)

November 13-14, 2024


Membership Level Per-person
Corporate Member $895
Individual Member $945
Non-Member $1,095





Recommended audience: Marketing teams, SAM Program leaders, CX (customer experience teams), Cross-functional team members including SAM/KAM/GAM 

Level of proficiency: Marketing for strategic account management

Account-based marketing strategy: Dominique Côté, Founder/CEO, Cosawi and Kate Burda of Kate Burda & Co.



Why now?

Sales and Marketing integration is critical

Digital marketing and e-commerce have taken on a life of their own and have created opportunities to engage with customers in a much more meaningful way. Marketing in our accelerated digital environment delivers an exponential return on investment but needs to be at the table to co orchestrate the account plan with the SAM.

Strategic Account Management is a team sport for customer intimacy

We can all agree that customer-centricity and customer focus are the cornerstone of effective strategic account management and key to being differentiated and relevant. We understand that it is not how we sell, but rather how customers buy and develop our understanding to enable a co-created future.

Marketing needs to become outside in and human to human marketing

ABM today is still too often based upon products, campaigns, or offerings. An inside-out way of working conflicts with the outside-in mindset that is at the core of how we ask SAMs to engage to enable higher-order partnerships


The next generation is Customer-Led; Team-Enabled where Marketing and SAM co-orchestrate throughout the customer journey.

The next generation of effective account-based marketing is focused on the customer journey from point of inspiration to point of sale and beyond. Account-Based Marketing takes a deep dive into how our integrated team of sales and marketing creates communication points with our customers throughout the customer journey and decision making.

By collecting and digesting insights, and distilling them into actionable valuable information, ABM contributes to helping the SAM deep dive into the knowledge of the customer.

Best-of-class organizations have not just a collaborative environment, but moreover, an integrated Sales & Marketing approach designed around the customer.

Training Outcomes

  • Defining what is next-gen customer-led account-based marketing and designing its strategy
  • Anchoring into the customer journey and purposeful communication
  • Co-orchestrating the account plan with the Strategic account manager & account team

Learning objectives

1: You will understand the real value of customer journey mapping

This interactive class offers marketers and their teams, who want to shift their mindset to the outside-in way of thinking about next-generation account-based marketing, a transformative learning experience - starting with the customer-buying and decision-making journey.

2: You will apply the principles with a mini-playbook methodology on the what, why and how account-based marketing can be the differentiating factor for the strategic account management journey and business transformation.

This integration of SAM and ABM is the lever to generate Revenue and accelerate targeted differentiated impact for the customer with omnichannel execution.