Winning with Internal Stakeholders: How to Manage Internal Stakeholders to Successfully Advance Creative Customer Solutions - E14

Competencies covered:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Company knowledge
  • Communication and influence skills
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Responsible for corporate customer relationship
  • Accountability for business outcomes

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Training Units: 1

Training type available:
     • In-Person (1 day)
     • Online (2 consecutive half-days)

     Corporate Member = $995
     Individual Member = $1,045
     Non-Member = $1,195

    June 20-21, 2023 (online)

Recommended Audience: SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM Program Leaders, SAM Managers

Level of proficiency: Intermediate to Advance

Certification eligibility: Yes

Presented by: Whetstone, Inc.

Most SAMs readily acknowledge that winning the approval of their internal stakeholders is often a greater challenge than winning with customers. In this workshop, we will explore the keys to successfully manage internal stakeholder relationships. You'll learn the different types of internal stakeholders and the expectations of each, and we'll explore the differences between internal and external stakeholder management. You'll walk away with greater emotional intelligence and practical tips to effectively gain internal support for your ideas in order to accelerate required approvals.


This session equips participants with practical approaches to align internal stakeholders with their important customer initiatives.

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Create an internal stakeholder register
  • Identify and map important internal stakeholders
  • Accurately assess the levels of influence and interest of key stakeholders
  • Effectively categorize different types of internal stakeholders
  • Understand how to align their initiatives with the emotional drives of key stakeholders
  • Successfully leverage internal politics · Proactively address the concerns of internal stakeholders
  • Develop appropriate communication plans for different stakeholders


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Faculty: Whetstone