Account leadership: Redefining account management in today’s marketplace - CORE 3

Competencies covered:

  • Communication & influence skills
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Team leadership
  • Responsibility for corporate customer relationship

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Training Units: 1

Training type available:
     • In-Person (1 day)
     • Online (2 consecutive half-days)

     Corporate Member = $895
     Individual Member = $945
     Non-Member = $1,095


Recommended Audience: SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM Program Leaders, SAM Managers, Cross-functional team members

Level of proficiency: Foundational / Intermediate

Certification eligibility: Required course of the CSAM Program

Presented by: Revenue Storm

Four emerging “macro” trends converging on the strategic account management profession are compelling the redefinition of the traditional role of a strategic account manager. No longer will it be enough to build and maintain good relationships with key customer stakeholders. This is table stakes in today’s game.

This session is designed to impart with the skills you will need to be successful in the immediate future and how to prepare for wallet share in the future. This workshop is built in two parts, one focusing on account leadership best practices and another focusing on internal leadership best practices.



The new requirements for account leadership:

  • How to avoid committing political suicide while achieving competitive advantage through alignment inside your account
  • Learning if you are better wired for account management or account leadership -- and what to do about it
  • How to rebrand yourself as an Accountrepreneuer™ for achieving dramatic growth in an account and earn additional wallet share

Aligning the power of your own company squarely behind the power of your account team externally:

  • Uncovering current internal cross-functional misalignment gaps that are creating organizational drag™ (OD) against your ability to grow your account
  • Clarifying your account strategy and effectively communicating it to your organization
  • Installing a cross-functional process for supporting the goals for your account
  • Establishing organizational co-ownership for revenue acceleration in your account
  • Understanding and advancing your account strategy and leading managers and employees in the behaviors that are typically the most essential for your account’s strategy execution and success


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Faculty: Revenue Storm