Value-Focused Engagement (Planning to Engage™)

Performance Methods, Inc. (PMI)

Intended audience:
Account Managers, Cross-Functional Account Team Members, Sales Leaders/Managers

Timing (Virtual Delivery):
Customizable according to corporate member’s needs



PMI’s Value-Focused Engagement workshops provide practical and contemporary skills, tools and best practices to help SAMs, account managers, salespeople and account teams co-discover, sell and co-create value more effectively and achieve higher competitive win rates. In this SAMA “How To” workshop, participants will elevate their ability to:

  • Understand what matters most to your customers by asking the right questions to the right people at the right times
  • Co-discover and validate how customers define value and how you can connect your value with customer expectations
  • Engage more effectively with customers by aligning your solutions, resources, expertise and services with specific customer priorities and success criteria
  • Position your strengths and differentiate the uniqueness of your value by making effective connections with customer pressures, objectives and challenges
  • Communicate and articulate your value and confidently engage customers in effective value conversations that drive value co-creation and realization, and long-term partnerships
  • Prepare and plan for critical meetings by deploying your learnings from the session and developing an effective “Plan to Engage” with your account team for use in an upcoming customer meeting

Plan to Engage workshops provide SAMs, account managers and salespeople with the proven skills and best practices essential for customer value co-discovery, value co-creation and value realization. Participants apply workshop learnings to real accounts and live opportunities and are equipped with concepts, tools and takeaways they can immediately deploy for modern value-selling success.

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Whether it’s through the deployment of sales processes based on proven best practices or the development of account and opportunity plans that are practical and realistic, it’s all about predictable, repeatable and sustainable success through consistent sales execution.

PMI’s clients achieve increased levels of field productivity and sales execution through the implementation of PMI’s unique approach to connecting proven processes with consultative skills and effective strategies.

Through this approach, PMI carefully assesses the needs of our clients, understanding their business, their customers’ requirements, their competitive landscapes and the readiness of their field organizations to effectively execute.