Strategic Account Planning and Management (Planning to Grow™)

Performance Methods, Inc. (PMI)

Intended audience:
Account Managers, Cross-Functional Account Team Members, Sales Leaders/Managers

Timing (Virtual Delivery):
Customizable according to corporate member’s needs



PMI’s Strategic Account Management and Planning to Grow™ workshops leverage proven account planning, management and growth solutions customized to fit the requirements of your business. SAMs, account managers and their account teams will collaborate to build and implement plans to grow their most important customer relationships, and they will be equipped with the skills, tools and best practices to enable them to:

  • Deploy and implement a contemporary, team-based account planning process proven to be effective in driving account growth
  • Benchmark strategic and key accounts to assess their fit and performance against the primary impact zones of modern SAM and KAM
  • Engage and align cross-functional account teams to ensure collaboration, harmony and balance in building and executing effective account plans
  • Assess customer relationships and strengthen them by effectively deploying the right resources to drive predictable and sustainable account growth
  • Co-discover what strategic and key customers value most by engaging them in ongoing discussions regarding their priorities and objectives
  • Align business objectives and develop new opportunities and initiatives with customers through effective engagement with key customer stakeholders
  • Co-create mutual value with customers resulting in value realization by the customer and the basis for development of your account’s value portfolio
  • Develop and expand your network of customer sponsors and supporters by leveraging your past proven value to gain access to new stakeholders and opportunities
  • Build proactive account growth strategies to expand your account business and relationships, and implement them with effective account action plans
  • Measure the impact of your account plan execution, identify performance gaps and learn how to effectively adapt your account plan to meet the evolving needs of your customer

In Planning to Grow™ workshops, participants develop (or update) their account plans through a series of exercises in which they try on an integrated suite of proven account planning and management best practices, skills and tools. Participants apply modern SAM and KAM concepts to their own accounts and opportunities and develop account plans focused on value co-creation, effective internal and external alignment, expansion of trust-based customer relationships and proactive growth within strategic and key accounts.

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Whether it’s through the deployment of sales processes based on proven best practices or the development of account and opportunity plans that are practical and realistic, it’s all about predictable, repeatable and sustainable success through consistent sales execution.

PMI’s clients achieve increased levels of field productivity and sales execution through the implementation of PMI’s unique approach to connecting proven processes with consultative skills and effective strategies.

Through this approach, PMI carefully assesses the needs of our clients, understanding their business, their customers’ requirements, their competitive landscapes and the readiness of their field organizations to effectively execute.