Revenue Now Series

The Summit Group

Intended audience:
Account Managers, Cross-Functional Account Team Members, Sales Leaders/Managers, SAMs, Salespeople

Timing (Virtual Delivery):
Four 90-minute virtual sessions over two weeks or customizable according to customer’s needs.
Total = eight hours of learning.
Includes pre-work and post-session application toolset and guidelines.


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This live opportunity accelerator program has been proven to dramatically improve revenue and win rates, while transforming and differentiating the customer experience.

Over a series of four 90-minute virtual sessions you will identify, prioritize, develop, test and apply your Revenue Now growth plan.

The program is grounded in three powerful tenants:

  1. Grow them to grow you. The best way to accelerate, grow and sustain your business is to accelerate, grow and sustain your customer’s value proposition and business with their customers - to optimize and “future proof” their customer’s business model.
  2. The more you see, the more you can bring. The deeper you understand and have insights into your customer’s business, the “richer” the opportunities you are likely to uncover.
  3. Customers do not want to be “sold to.”  Research highlights that customers seek consultative business advisors that can ideate, co-create and execute solutions that address their most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities.

As a participant you will:

  • Share Revenue Now experiences, insights and challenges with peers
  • Develop a Revenue Now heatmap – enabling you to identify strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Be equipped with a Revenue Now [live opportunity] storyboard and tool set that enables you and your account team to develop best-in-class opportunity-win plans, strategies and tactics
  • Receive feedback and coaching
  • Jumpstart your approach to accelerate revenue by immediately applying the storyboard, principles and tools to one of your own accounts.

Have interest in learning more about this offering, contact fahey@strategicaccounts.org.



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The Summit Group is a global sales performance improvement company. We build salespeople into authentic business professionals. Since 1993, we've helped international clients optimize their sales performance through consultancy and customized training solutions.

The Summit Group has accelerated leading companies' distinguishing go-to-market execution in more than sixty countries. We train sales organizations how to effectively develop unique business value for their customers, resulting in immediate revenue growth, increased customer loyalty and elevated consultative relationships.

Our unique, pragmatic approach ensures distinction and differentiation through the delivery of business simulation skill-based training. We focus on consultative-based relationships, uncovering and developing customer needs and requirements, and building value-based solutions that leverage the organization's value capabilities and directly align with customer needs.