Collaborative Planning with Strategic Customers™

Performance Methods, Inc. (PMI)

Intended audience:
Account Managers, Cross-Functional Account Team Members, Sales Leaders/Managers

Timing (Virtual Delivery):
Customizable according to corporate member’s needs



Have you ever felt that your customer is more strategic to your business than your organization is to theirs? Many providers find themselves grappling with this issue today, yet in over 1,000 strategic customer interviews, we consistently hear the customer state that they would like for their relationship with you to be more strategic. PMI’s Collaborative Planning engagements bring the customer and provider to the “planning table” together in a facilitated workshop designed to connect customer and provider teams and create a collaborative environment for customer problem solving. Collaborative Planning sessions establish a forum in which the parties are equipped and enabled to:

  • Create a collaborative environment in which your cross-functional account team and internal stakeholders reach agreement and gain alignment regarding objectives, strategies and action items for strategic and key customer relationships
  • Connect and map your cross-functional account team members with key customer stakeholders to facilitate optimal alignment and ease-of-doing-business − Explore specific target areas of value co-creation and co-innovation to determine mutual priorities and agree on focus areas for best application of resources
  • Build customer-specific value propositions for your best opportunities to enable future growth that both parties are committed to pursue
  • Develop mutual action plans to pursue these opportunities by applying the right resources in the right places at the right times
  • Measure outcomes and effectiveness of the collaboration and evaluate value co-creation and co-innovation impact and results

PMI’s Collaborative Planning methodology includes a full suite of tools and deliverables designed in its work with industry leaders across the globe and deployed with its most strategic customers. Clients that have implemented this approach to collaborative planning have elevated their strategic account management effectiveness by effectively engaging their customers in a proven process that results in value co-creation and realization for both parties.

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Whether it’s through the deployment of sales processes based on proven best practices or the development of account and opportunity plans that are practical and realistic, it’s all about predictable, repeatable and sustainable success through consistent sales execution.

PMI’s clients achieve increased levels of field productivity and sales execution through the implementation of PMI’s unique approach to connecting proven processes with consultative skills and effective strategies.

Through this approach, PMI carefully assesses the needs of our clients, understanding their business, their customers’ requirements, their competitive landscapes and the readiness of their field organizations to effectively execute.