Business Realignment and Strategic Planning Workshop (customer-facing)

Kirk Dittmar, The Summit Group

Intended audience:
SAMs, Account Managers, Cross-Functional Account Team Members, Sales Leaders/Managers

Timing (Virtual Delivery):
Two live, virtual sessions:

▪ A ~90-minute session for the internal strategic account team (includes preparation for second session with the customer)

▪ A two- to three-hour session with customer and supplier account teams represented


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This session provides a collaborative, strategic, customer-facing approach for business realignment and initiative prioritization during market disruptions – an approach designed to ensure business continuity, accelerated growth and elevated relevance and relationships.

This two-module session recognizes the implications of Covid-19 and other disruptions on the global business environment and leverages a best-practice collaborative process designed to quickly re-align priorities and initiatives – ensuring both organizations have absolute clarity around what has changed and the business implications and have agreement on what must be done next to achieve mutual value.

Additionally, this approach uncovers the customer’s perception of where your company adds value and is relevant (within their current context) and highlights each organization’s perspective on the “state of the relationship.” This session wraps up with clear next steps, timelines (30-60-90 days) and a governance framework for ongoing engagement and alignment.

The Summit Group provides pre-session coaching and team conference call(s), live support in inviting the customer – covering objectives, expectations and preparation (as required) – and an experienced facilitator for both virtual sessions.


For the customer:

  • Accelerate strategic priorities
  • Increase potential by leveraging assets and capabilities of the supplier
  • Direct the supplier to areas where they can have the most impact For the supplier:
  • Identify and re-prioritize new sales opportunities and strategic customer initiatives
  • Help ensure business continuity for the customer and our own organization
  • Create a framework for better internal alignment and resource focus

For the customer and supplier:

  • Create focus on business continuity, alignment and nearer-term outcomes through operational reviews
  • Establish a foundation for deeper and consistent follow-up – a new rhythm to ongoing alignment and the relationship
  • Create joint responsibility and shared resources to accelerate execution

Have interest in learning more about this offering, contact fahey@strategicaccounts.org.



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