Identify your strengths and priority areas for improvement


Have you struggled to determine areas of weakness, to know which areas need deeper investment of time and resources, and which should be left alone? Do you need benchmarking data to support your requests for additional resources?

SAMA’s Program Assessment quantitatively rates the maturity and strength of your SAM program across 11 key enablers and offers a roadmap to allocate resources where they’re needed most critically to drive business results.



Even if your organization in doing everything right in terms of enabling the strategic value-creation process, you still need SAMs with the right skills and attributes to do the job. SAMA’s 360-degree Individual Competency Assessment delivers a snapshot of the SAM’s present-day strengths and weaknesses relative to the core competencies and skills needed to excel in the SAM role.

SAMA members use our Individual Competency Assessment to:

  • Facilitate meaningful coaching and performance improvement paths.
  • Encourage internal alignment to elevate your entire program.
  • Identify training and skill building for individuals to bolster their performance.
  • Custom reporting available. The tool is flexible and allows for multiple reporting options.
  • Compare the relative skills and experience of individual SAMs at their company and benchmark their group of SAMs against those across SAMA’s extensive global network.