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With different regions of the world emerging from pandemic at their own pace (or not at all), one thing is for sure: Building trust and deepening relationships with our key customers has never been more important. Join SAMA and the global SAM/KAM community virtually for lessons learned from the past 1.5 years and exploring the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.



SAMA Global Summit


Geoff Quinn

Dir. Key Account Management
Center of Excellence

Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group


Marco Lippuner

Head of Sales Excellence

Siemens AG


Stefan Fuehner

Sr. Director CCO Office & Commercial Development


Dominique Côté

Owner and Founder, Cosawi

and Member, SAMA Board of Directors


Kate Burda

CEO and Founder

Kate Burda & Co.


Kaj Storbacka


Hanken School of Economics


Javier Marcos-Cuevas

Associate Professor,
Strategic Sales and Negotiation

Cranfield School of Management


Brian Lindholm

Executive Trainer,

DHL Global Forwarding


Denise Freier

President and CEO



Harvey Dunham

Managing Director,
Strategy & Marketing



Chris Jensen

Director of Customer Solutions



Get practical



  • Advancing your strategy with your most important customers
  • Building and managing your roadmap for success
  • Measuring execution to improve results at each phase in the customer journey
  • Embracing change and operating with speed and agility



(time zone is CST)

9 November
7 AM - 8 AM Opening Remarks and Session 1: “Key Account Management at Siemens – Next Level”
8:15 AM - 9 AM Session 2: “Account-Based Marketing: Customer-Led, Team-Enabled Where Marketing and SAM Co-Orchestrate”
9:15 AM - 10 AM Session 3: “Aligning Internal and External Orientation and Other Competing Demands for Strategic Account Managers”
10 AM - 11 AM Networking Event: The SAMA Game Show 
10 November
7 AM - 8 AM Welcome and Session 4: “Moving Toward Strategic Account Leadership: Aligning and Engaging for Increased Value Creation”
8:15 AM - 9 AM Session 5: “Leverage the Power of Alignment to Drive Value”
9:15 AM - 10 AM Session 6: “How to Align Internally to Manage Your Strategic/Key Accounts When Your Supply Cannot Meet Their Demand”
10 AM - 11 AM Networking Event: Cocktails for Closers 


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Who should attend:

✯ SAM program directors
✯ Strategic/global/key account managers
✯ Strategic account team members
✯ Field sales supporting key customers
✯ Sales & marketing executives
✯ Senior management (business units & geographies)
✯ Sales support & operations
✯ Sales training & development
✯ Human resources
✯ Chief sales officers

2021 SAMA Global Summit Pricing

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Corporate Member $290 $390 $490
Individual Member $390 $490 $590
Non-member $490 $590 $690
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Special Team Pricing available! Contact us at registration@strategicaccounts.org.




SAMA Global Summit

Level: All audiences

Presenter: Marco Lippuner, Head of Sales Excellence, Siemens AG

In light of everything that’s changed since the start of the pandemic, it’s no wonder that customer journeys and even touch points have become different and continue to evolve. Managing both the customer’s expectations, as well as those of the KAM's own business units, has become an entirely new challenge. Add to that the new environment of managing accounts virtually and training KAMs digitally, and effective key account management can seem challenging. Join this session to learn how Siemens is facing these new circumstances.

Level: All audiences

Presenters: Dominique Côté, Owner & Founder, Cosawi Inc., and Member, SAMA Board of Directors; Kate Burda, Owner and Founder, Kate Burda & Co.

We can all agree that customer-centricity and customer focus are key to being differentiated and relevant and are the cornerstones of effective strategic account management. We understand that it is not how we sell but rather how customers buy. We know the value of understanding the customers, their organizations, their vision and what they are trying to achieve to enable a co-created future.

Our marketing groups, however, are too often based upon products, campaigns or offerings – an inside-out way of working conflicting with the outside-in mindset that is at the core of how we ask SAMs to engage to enable higher-order partnerships The next generation of effective account-based marketing is solely focused on the customer journey from point of inspiration to point of sale and beyond and how we as a team connect with the customer throughout. It is time to break our corporate silos and bring marketing to the table.

You will learn:

WHAT: What is account based marketing compared to brand, product and enterprise marketing?

WHO: What is the marketing role in the strategic account management journey and account team?

WHY: Why is customer-led, team-enabled important? You will get tools and a framework to accelerate your ABM capability and team integration.

HOW: How do you develop an action plan? You will leave with an action plan that you can customize to spur internal discussion and evolve your marketing journey, role and impact in this customer-centric approach.

Level: All audiences

Presenter: Javier Marcos-Cuevas, Associate Professor, Strategic Sales and Negotiation, Cranfield School of Management

Strategic account managers need to leverage substantial resources and support from their organizations to succeed in growing their business with strategic accounts. This growth often depends on the SAMs ability to manage simultaneously commercial, relational and political agendas across the supplier and the customer organizations. The challenge is that SAMs often perceive a tension in handling competing demands, amongst others, the internal vs. the external dimensions of their role. This session will outline the paradoxes SAMs face and will provide an approach to manage these constructively in the pursuit of value creation and sustainable relationship building with strategic accounts.

Level: All audiences

Presenter: Kaj Storbacka, Hanken Foundation Professor, Hanken School of Economics

We are seeing a revolution in how customers and other stakeholders engage with firms – basically a re-shuffle of value chains. Simultaneously, the meaning of “value” is changing: We’re moving from shareholder value to stakeholder value. This means that SAMs need to look beyond the customer relationship and create alignment in a system where collaborating firms create value. Future SAMs are leaders – facilitators and orchestrators of change.

In this session you will learn how to find new opportunities for growth and how to help customers create value that will build strong, lasting account relationships.

Level: All audiences

Presenter: Stefan Fuehner, Sr. Director CCO Office & Commercial Development, DHL

When it comes to successfully building a strategic relationship between two enterprise-level organizations, the need for alignment is inevitable. While the idea of embarking on a joint strategic partnership has a very exciting ring to it, the struggle to align – across functions, teams and stakeholders from both organizations – is real and intense. This is especially true in global organizations – and never more so than now, when so many interactions take place virtually. This session will provide insights, lessons learned and real, first-hand examples of how alignment can be (and has been) leveraged into a value driver for long-term business growth.

Level: All audiences

Moderators: Harvey Dunham, Managing Director, Strategy & Marketing, SAMA, and Chris Jensen, Director of Customer Solutions, SAMA
Panelists: Geoff Quinn, Director Key Account Management Center of Excellence, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, and Brian Lindholm, Executive Trainer, DHL Global Forwarding 

With supply chain challenges all too common, SAMs are struggling to meet their obligations to their strategic customers. We hear from our members every day that most, if not all, of you are facing this extremely difficult situation.

This session will explore the following:

  • What does the future hold for these supply chain challenges?
  • What kind of conversations should you be having with your strategic accounts?
  • How can you turn the adversity you are facing into an opportunity?

Join this session to learn best practices for handling this dilemma from three of the most experienced practitioners in the SAMA community.

SAMA and Arpedio are excited to offer a Virtual Gameshow for our members. This activity will use the Weve gameshow platform with a Weve gameshow host specializing in virtual interaction. Members will be assigned to teams and compete with other SAMA members on trivia and other fun and interactive games. We look forward to bringing out your competitive spirit and helping you team up with your SAMA peers.

We encourage you to bring your cocktail, mocktail, or beverage of choice! SAMA member attendees will be placed into Zoom break-out rooms, sponsored by Arpedio, Oratium, PMI and Valkre. Our moderators will alternate in rooms and will guide the participants on introductions to meet your peers, and will also ask attendees some fun questions and some strategic account management insights and priorities. Join us for some key ‘takeaways’ for your SAM/KAM journey.

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