Business Simulation Immersion

The Summit Group

Intended audience:
Account Managers, Cross-Functional Account Team Members, Sales Leaders/Managers, SAMs, Salespeople

Timing (Virtual Delivery):
Four 4-hour facilitator-led sessions over four days, either consecutively or spread out over two weeks. The program is delivered virtually using an online video platform.


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Strategic account engagement has never been more important, nor more challenging. This program moves away from the platitudes of “gaining access to the C-suite” to equip you with a research-based, pragmatic, proven framework and tool set that will accelerate insights into your customer’s business model, elevate and distinguish how you engage all relevant stakeholders, establish enterprise-level “mirror team” [zipper] relationships with customers and develop powerful stakeholder engagement strategies and tactics.

The Business Simulation Immersion is an intensive and interactive customer engagement innovation and simulation lab designed to equip account managers and teams with a proven methodology focused on business value creation and distinguishing customer engagement.

It is a pragmatic and actionable learning experience, based on a case study and meticulously crafted role-play scenarios derived from reality. Account managers and teams will develop the skills to create winning value propositions and build differentiating solutions and strategies to help their key customers and prospects navigate the volatility, uncertainty and complexity of the current and future business context.

Four interconnected call-planning and customer-meeting simulations will be conducted by a seasoned facilitator who will portray various roles in the customer organization. The facilitator will then lead a feedback session to solidify learning and prepare for the next simulation.

This program is available as a public program or for an individual company. Delivery of this course for an individual company requires a minimum two-week lead time to develop an industry-customized case study and role-play scenarios.

The prerequisite for this course is Account Based Selling, which provides an overview of the value creation principles. If the participants have not taken the pre-requisite course, it can be bundled in and delivered as a separate session.

Have interest in learning more about this offering, contact fahey@strategicaccounts.org.



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The Summit Group is a global sales performance improvement company. We build salespeople into authentic business professionals. Since 1993, we've helped international clients optimize their sales performance through consultancy and customized training solutions.

The Summit Group has accelerated leading companies' distinguishing go-to-market execution in more than sixty countries. We train sales organizations how to effectively develop unique business value for their customers, resulting in immediate revenue growth, increased customer loyalty and elevated consultative relationships.

Our unique, pragmatic approach ensures distinction and differentiation through the delivery of business simulation skill-based training. We focus on consultative-based relationships, uncovering and developing customer needs and requirements, and building value-based solutions that leverage the organization's value capabilities and directly align with customer needs.