Mastering strategic account messaging: Deep dive into key tools of client conversation construction - E13

Competencies covered:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Customer knowledge
  • Strategic thinking
  • Value analysis & opportunity insight
  • Communication & influence skills

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Training Units: 1

Training type available:
     • In-Person (1 day)
     • Online (2 consecutive half-days)

     Corporate Member = $895
     Individual Member = $945
     Non-Member = $1,095

    March 6-7, 2023 (online)
    September 11-12, 2023 (online)

Recommended Audience: SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM Program Leaders, SAM Managers, Cross-functional team members & anyone selling virtually

Level of proficiency: Foundational / Intermediate

Certification eligibility: Yes

Presented by: Oratium

Workshop description

This course will teach the key principles and methodology of strategic account message design and delivery. It will provide the attendees with an understanding of what most companies get wrong in their messaging approach. We will use brain-based science to share the seven hallmarks that are essential for effective client communications.

We will also focus on four key elements of strategic account messaging:

  • Messaging for Recall – Equipping Your Customer to Retell Your Story
  • Embracing Simplicity – Designing Messaging That Fits Within the Customer’s Brain
  • Right-Brain Engagement – A Rational Way to Engage Emotion
  • Selling to the C-Suite – Seven Keys to Effective Engagement


There’s a lot at stake, you need to get your message right.

Most executive communication fails to achieve the results we want. Why? We make bad choices when we design our message – wrong material, too complex, too many facts, and too little insight. We want to drive our audience to engage and take action – the goal of high stakes communication – but our messages fall short.

How can you make the right choices? The answer lies in one critical idea: understanding and aligning with how people process information. When you understand what the brain wants and needs to understand – and act on – you can become an extraordinarily effective communicator.

Oratium helps companies and executives match the power of their messages to the potential of their ideas. In every situation. Every time. Using the most up-to-date research in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and communication science, our unique models for message design and delivery integrate a set of proprietary tools into a simple, repeatable process for designing communications that drive action.

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Faculty: Oratium