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Ready, Set, Go! Putting More Action, Into Your Strategic Account Planning

JULY 12 , 2022   10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

Let’s be honest: Most account plans don’t actually drive the value we had hoped for them to drive. Most of the time, they are a time-consuming exercise on "what we’ve done," with never enough about "what we’re going to do.” Join Greg Callahan of Bain & Company and Coro Account Planning, as he shares how he helps clients drive 20%-40% increase in booking through better account planning.

Speaker:  Gregory Callahan, Partner, Bain & Company

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Creating a Competitive Advantage for SAM Organizations

JUNE 29, 2022   10:00 AM - 11:30 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

Join Joseph Machicote (Chief Diversity Officer, Premier Inc.) and SAMA Customer Advisory Board members Jerid S. Lydic (Pfizer) and Jane McGinty (Nilfisk) for a panel discussion and question and answer session moderated by David Barnes Jr.,M.Ed CPC, Managing Partner, Diversity Inclusion Equity Group, regarding how the emergence DEI&B strategies in organization are impacting the role of SAM’s. 

Discussion topics:

  • Debunking DEI&B myths and why it is top of mind for CEO’s
  • DEI&B impact on SAM’s daily interaction with customers
  • Organizations DEI&B strategies emerging impact on the SAM’s sales process, account penetration, increasing differentiation, and customer loyalty

Speakers:  David Barnes Jr.,M.Ed CPC, Managing Partner, Diversity Inclusion Equity Group; Joseph Machicote, Chief Diversity Officer, Premier Inc.; Jane McGinty, Global Strategic Accounts Director, Nilfisk; Jerid Lydic, MBA, CMR, Americas Lead, Global KAM Center of Excellence, Pfizer


Transforming Account Management for Value Creation: Research Insights from an Expert-Panel Study

APRIL 5, 2022   10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)     

Given today’s hybrid, digitized and saturated market environment, the role of the strategic account manager is in urgent need of repositioning. To find out what that might look like, we invited 62 experts from sales, marketing, procurement, academia and consulting to provide their views on nine hypotheses of what account managers can do to stay relevant as value creators. 

Should account managers, for example, focus exclusively on high-level value dimensions? Or should they give equal weight to value creation and the prevention of value destruction? 

This webinar will deliver key insights from this expert-panel study, helping attendees to either validate or reframe their sales transformation efforts.

Speaker:  Dr. Axel Thoma, Lecturer, University of St. Gallen and Advisor, Value Creation Lab


Customer-Centric Supply Chains: Innovation Beyond Potential

MARCH 29, 2022   10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

Welcome to the era of logistics! The major megatrends of our time – globalization, digitization, e-commerce and sustainability – simultaneous provide challenges and opportunities. Today, consumer – and, as a consequence, business – demand is based on a multi-dimensional set of requirements where cost and quality are no longer the sole decision criteria.
In this environment, supply chains are becoming major drivers of profitable growth, fueling long-term and sustainable business success, while providing competitive advantages and delivering the customer experience – literally. Hence, logistics and supply chain management is transforming into a strategic asset and value driver for businesses.
The webinar will outline DHL's view on supply chains of the future, including the most relevant trends, the DHL approach on customer-centric innovation and specific examples of logistics innovation.

Speaker:  Dr. Klaus Dohrmann, Vice President Innovation Europe & Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions


Selling Internally: Managing Internal Stakeholders to Successfully Advance Creative Customer Solutions

March 9, 2022   9:30 AM - 10:30 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

Most SAMs readily acknowledge that selling internally is a greater challenge than selling to customers. In this webinar, we will explore the keys to successfully managing internal stakeholder relationships. You'll learn the different types of internal stakeholders and the expectations of each. We'll also explore the differences between internal and external stakeholder management. You'll walk away with practical tips for effectively gaining internal support for your ideas and accelerating the required approvals.

Speaker:  Adrian Davis, President, Whetstone Inc.


Building Account Plans Using Account-Based Marketing

January 25, 2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   CENTRAL TIME (US AND CANADA)    

Account-based marketing is finding its way into the account planning process. Thanks to this connection, account managers now have a powerful new partner to help them build more effective account plans. For marketers, the connection is helping them to implement their strategic ABM work with the customer. In this session, we will review early examples of how this work is being done in practice.

Speaker:  Jerry Alderman, CEO, Valkre


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