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    SAMA is partnering with the American Red Cross to support our communities and to help serve those in need.


Help save lives! Host a Red Cross blood drive or get your “sleeves up.”

SAMA is, first and foremost, a community. And while our main mission revolves around building and growing relationships with our most important customers, we recognize that none of this matters if our wider community isn't healthy.

That's why this year SAMA is partnering with the Red Cross to support the communities we help serve and to help those in need. With so many workplaces closed due to the novel coronavirus, the Red Cross has lost a huge and valuable source of donations: office blood drives. Together, we will increase awareness of the importance of blood collections by encouraging our valued members and the community to either donate blood or safely host a corporate drive of their own.

So, valued members of the SAMA community: SleevesUp to help us reach our goal! Make and keep an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross and help us – and them – save lives.

Support our goal!     SleevesUp with SAMA





What a host does:

  • Provides a suitable location. A large, open space is best, so we can create separate zones for conducting confidential eligibility assessments and collecting donations.
  • Publicizes the blood drive. The more people who know about your blood drive – both within your organization and in the community – the more donors you can sign up.
  • Organizes a recruitment committee to recruit donors. Face-to-face requests are the most effective form of recruitment. Don’t do this alone; build a team to help spread the word.
  • Schedules donors for appointments. Plus, you’ll do follow-ups during the drive to ensure donors don’t miss their appointments and reach out afterwards to say thank you.