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Strategic Selling in an Omnichannel World

Jennifer Stanley

Partner, North America Lead, Sales & Channel Practice, McKinsey & Company  




Return On Character

Phil Styrlund

CEO, The Summit Group




SAMA Expert Council panel moderated by Jim Ford

The Only SAM Metric that Matters: Business Value






StoryMythos: Your Movie Guide to Better Business Stories

Shane Meeker

Corporate Storyteller & Company Historian, Procter & Gamble | Founder of StoryMythos


Company policy/personal preference precludes your in-person attendance this year? We get it!
Since we'd hate for you to miss out, we'll be offering a selection of sessions for purchase on demand after the conference closes. (On-demand content is available to in-person attendees, free of charge.) Details coming soon!

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Critical Skills for Strategic Account Managers

An enabled, empowered SAM with the right combination of leadership traits and business acumen is an unbeatable combination. Learn what’s in the DNA of an elite account team leader and how the best SAMs and GAMs orchestrate the strategic value creation process and drive business outcomes for their customers. Sessions will cover managing teams with diverse cultural backgrounds, understanding and outwitting Procurement, using data to bring new value streams to your customer, how to win bigger (and better) deals through upstream certification and specification, and much, much more.

Session 101

Timing Is Everything! Global Service Account Management's Role Early in the Product Life Cycle


Session 102

The Neuroscience of Your Customers’ Attention



Session 103

Bringing Value: Using Insight-Led Selling



Session 104

Executive Presence for Strategic Account Managers




Session 105

Creating Competitive Immunity Through Deep Customer Discovery



Session 107

Mastering Communications in the Post-COVID World


Session 108

Five Game Changers for Virtual Strategic Account Management



Session 109

Using a Coach Approach With Your Customer to Deepen the Relationship



Session 110

Understand Your Customer’s Financials to Avoid Commoditization



Session 111

Do Not Give Up Your Value in the Last Mile



Session 112

Recipe for Co-Creation




Session 113

Planning to Grow: The Critical Elements of an Effective Account Growth Strategy



Session 114

Aligning Your Cross-Functional Account Team to Co-Create Customer Value


Session 115

StoryMythos: Your Movie Guide to Better Business Stories



Session 116

Develop Competitor Proof Relationships: Make Every Sales Interaction Matter



Session 117

Outside-In: Where Sales Meets Strategy


    *On demand only


Session 118

Dealing with Difficult People and Conversations



Session 120

Benchmarking Your Account, Plan and Planning Process: Leveraging Lessons Learned from the SAMA Community


Session 121

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Co-Innovation With Customers


Session 122

Non-Traditional Strategic Value Creation: ESG, Supplier Diversity and Digital Platforms



Session 123

Managing the Hidden Buying Journey




Session 124

You’d Better Know How to Engage with Executives!


    *On demand only

Session 125

How COVID Changed an Entire Industry’s Movement From Backstage to Center Stage






SAM Program Design, Structure and Management

Your SAMs don’t work in a vacuum. Without having the right management systems and processes in place to enable them, all the talent in the world won’t make a difference. Learn how the best companies make the business case for SAM, how they structure their SAM program and how they align the strategic account management initiative with their larger corporate objectives. Sessions will cover issues related to internal alignment, executive sponsorship, account selection and deselection, and many other universal SAM challenges.

Session 119

How to Operationalize the SAMA Seven-Step Process for Value Co-Creation


Session 201

Building a SAM Program From the Ground Up



Session 202

Introduction of a New SAM Organization in the Healthcare Distributor Environment in Africa


Session 203

How to Build a Strategic Account Management Program from a Practitioner’s Perspective



Session 204

Third Box Strategy Alignment: Design Thinking to Co-Create Your Customers’ Future


Session 205

Enabling, Accelerating and Sustaining Leading-Practice SAM



Session 206

Future Markets: Find the Growth in Strategic Account Management



Session 207

A SAM Transformation Journey in Medical Products and Services




Session 208

Metrics that Predict If Your SAM Program Will Succeed



Session 209

When Art Meets Science: How Creating a Formal SAM Program Drives Customer Value Creation with Speed and Scale


Session 210

How Do You Fly the Friendly Skies … Greener? How United’s Sales Team Is Helping Customers Make Air Travel More Sustainable


Session 211

Building Account Plans with Account-Based Marketing




Session 212

Evolving a Mature Accounts Program in Alignment with Shifting Business Dynamics


Session 213

Positive Intelligence for SAMs: Going From Good to Great!


Session 214

SAM Center of Excellence: How To Inspire and Establish a Global SAM Journey, a Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Story


Session 215

Value Propositions Under Attack: The Future of Working with Outsourced Procurement



Session 216

The Rarest Advantage: How a Strategic Customer Advisory Board Co-Creates Value


Session 217

Growing a Customer-Centric Organization: Lessons Learned



Session 218

The Challenge of Selling Expertise, Not Product: Transforming SAMs Into High-Value Advisors Supported by Engaging Digital Content  


SAM Talent: Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Top People

SAMA research shows that nothing influences the success or failure of a strategic account management initiative more than the leadership capabilities of the SAM. Is your organization screening for the right traits, attracting the best candidates, and then enabling your SAMs with the technology, coaching and organizational mettle they need to thrive? Enable your SAM teams by implementing efficient global processes and smart digitalization strategies, and learn to screen for tough-to-train traits that correlate with SAM success.

Session 301

Defining Keystone Character Habits That Will Define and Distinguish the Highest-Performing Salespeople of the Future


Session 302

Developing Strategic Account Managers: A Roundtable with IDEXX, AbbVie and Ecolab

    *On demand only

Session 303

Data Doesn’t Lie! Today's Three Must-Have Strategic Account Management Traits for Success


Session 304

Women Leaders in SAM: Driving Success with Diverse SAM Organizations



Session 305

KAM Metrics Panel: A Balanced Scorecard Approach - From Design to Operationalization


Session 306

The Three Key Trends that All Leaders Must Consider When Attracting, Developing and Retaining Top Talent