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A message to our 2020 Annual Conference participants 

Strategic Account Management Association Announces Virtual 2021 Annual Conference

Chicago, IL, March 1, 2021 – For the health and safety of all participants, SAMA’s 2021 Annual Conference will be held virtually May 24-26, 2021. 

Existing registrants for SAMA’s in-person 2020 Annual Conference have been automatically registered for the upcoming virtual Annual Conference. However, if you are a SAMA Corporate Member and used your complimentary full seat to attend our virtual 2020 Annual Conference, you have not been automatically registered for the 2021 event. 

Most registrants who were originally registered for the in-person 2020 Annual Conference event are eligible for a credit letter, which comprises the remaining balance from their original registration after accounting for their attendance at both our virtual 2020 and 2021 conferences. 

Anyone eligible for a credit will receive an email confirmation by mid-March detailing the credit amount and redemption instructions. All credits are non-refundable and may be used for any SAMA event, product or service. Credits expire and must be used prior to December 31, 2021. 

Registrants who only paid for and attended our virtual 2020 Annual Conference will need to register separately for our virtual 2021 Annual Conference here. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact us at the email address or phone number below. 

Virtual Team Packages, including discounted pricing, are available for our 2021 conference. Learn more here

To check your registration status or redeem your credit letter, or for any questions not covered here, please contact Shannon Feeney, Registration Associate, at feeney@strategicaccounts.org or 312-251-3131, ext. 11.