Guidelines for Velocity Authors


Why Submit an Article?

Velocity is the official publication of SAMA. It provides a forum for the exchange of information relating to the practice of strategic account management and is the vehicle that feeds SAMA members to be the best community of practice. Thousands of account professionals, SAM managers and C-level executives at the world's largest and most forward-thinking companies read Velocity to learn about best practices and next practices from professionals who are facing the same challenges they are.

By having an article published in Velocity, you’ll be recognized as having expertise on the topic, and you’ll elevate your visibility within the community and your own organization. Your organization will benefit by having its name brought to the attention of the wider community as a thought leader.

But you’re not a writer, you say? Not a problem. Your professional knowledge is more important than your writing skills. The SAMA editorial staff can help with grammar, organization and style. If you can write a business letter, you can author an article.

If your firm has a public relations, marketing or communications department, they may be able to help you document your knowledge and experience. Do make sure, though, that you provide them with in-depth information and that you review their documentation of your knowledge and experience for accuracy and to ensure it meets the article requirements below.

Case Studies

Case studies are particularly welcomed, answering the questions and following the format of:

  • what was the issue;
  • what were the steps taken to address the issue;
  • what resulted for the SAM, the SAM’s organization and that of the SAM’s clients?

Article Requirements

Articles must be directly applicable to strategic account management (not just sales). It helps to keep in mind that SAMA’s audience consists of those who work in complex, highly matrixed organizations and focus on building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with a company's most important customers and partners.

Articles must avoid directly promoting a product or service.

Velocity articles range between 2500 and 3500 words; three to five pages. These ranges are approximate; somewhat over or under these word counts is fine if justified by the content.

Articles from consultants and academics are welcome, but bringing aboard a practitioner co-author will get you to the top of the pile. If that’s not possible, please consider adding concrete, real-life examples from your work with clients.

Graphics that aid in understanding an article are also welcomed. In addition, please consider contributing original research in graphic form to Velocity's Data Watch column.

If you’ll be working with graphic designers or printers, have them contact for the more technical requirements for graphics.

Who We Want To Hear From

  • SAMs and sales executives, managers and account managers at all levels
  • Going deep: uncovering strategic information from and about the customer
  • Leveraging technology, data and/or analytics to change the way you drive significant revenue with your customer, working internally, and/or collaborating externally
  • Implementing innovation
  • Deploying disruption
  • Quantifying and validating customer value in a case that resulted in a value-based price solution or that prevented losing a deal and/or the customer

Elements of a Successful Submission

  • An article doesn't need to contain ALL of the following, but the more boxes it checks off, the higher priority it will be given.
  • Practitioner author or co-author
  • If written by a consultant or academic, must incorporate practitioner point of view
  • Real, concrete business examples that exemplify the concepts discussed in the article.
  • Hard data
  • Innovative concepts/"Next practices"
  • Human element

How To Submit

If you already have a whitepaper, case study or article ready to go, send it to Velocity associate editor Gloria Naurocki at You will be notified that your article has been received and is under review. If you just have an idea for an article, send a brief description and any supporting materials to