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SAMA’s conferences now include a specific location on-site for you to meet like-minded peers who are tackling the same business challenges that you are: SAMA City.

How it works:

  1. Introduce yourself to someone.
  2. When SAMA City begins, you’ll be asked to find a specific village where you’ll discuss a specific topic (see below to find out what you can talk about in each village).
  3. To create a good give-and-take in your village, choose where you go based on one of two things:
    1. You really need help with the topic in that village
    2. You have best practices in the area of a village’s topic
  4. Each village has a bürgermeister who will greet you and facilitate discussion.
  5. You’ll rotate once during the event.
  • What is your executive sponsor doing, exactly? (blue village)
  • Co-innovation with customers: What are you waiting for? (red village)
  • Bring out the scorecards: Your methods for mutual metrics (green village)
  • Mining for SAM talent gems (yellow village)
  • Enabling your SAMs through technology: Are you a dinosaur? (purple village)

The conversation does not stop there. We will continue the discussions on our LinkedIn subgroups.

To join a SAMA City subgroup, you must be a member of our Strategic Account Management Association group.

Once you are a member of the group, you can request to join the SAMA City subgroups from the Subgroups page:

  • Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your home page and select Groups.
  • Click the parent group's name.
  • Click the Information and settings icon near the top right.
  • Click the number next to Subgroups.
  • Click Join this subgroup.