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SAMA’s certification program was developed to proactively promote world-class management practices in strategic account management and engages both the CSAM candidates and their managers and/or indirect leaders. The program relies on a blended learning curriculum combining in-person, naturally overlapping skill-building courses led by vetted thought-leaders and industry experts, e-learning reinforcement and work on account-specific objectives.


Why Certify

  • Raise the overall competency level of employees
  • Establish a standard of excellence and desirable career path for the SAM position
  • Demonstrated a commitment to key employees by investing in their career development
  • Successful SAMs hugely impact business outcomes and the bottom line:
    • Superior growth
    • Superior profitability
    • Innovative and scalable customer solutions
  • Because SAM is not SALES!



Why is CSAM Different?

The CSAM process is designed to measure demonstrable behavioral change – it is not simply a certificate of completion of a number of training modules.

As a CSAM, you will not be doing the same things you currently do better, you will be doing things differently.

Short-term focus   Mid- to Long-term focus
Product-focus   Customer solution focus
Commodity-based pricing   Value-based pricing
Supplier account planning   Joint account planning
Single owner   Multi-Functional Team
Responsible for individual relationships   Responsible for the overall customer relationship
Accountable for revenue   Accountable for range of business outcomes
Implementing sales strategy   Implementing business strategy with corporate goals


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