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5 Steps to Becoming a CSAMcurriculum header art

1. Enrollment & Competency Pre-Assessment

After formally registering in the program, the SAM, the SAM’s direct Manager and up to three additional evaluators complete the first of two SAM Competency Assessments online. The results from this assessment are used to identify performance gaps and help focus the program goals established in the enrollment questionnaire.

2. Enrollment Questionnaire

Both the SAM and the manager should come to an agreement on the SAM’s professional development plan and revisit the certification goals. SAM completes the enrollment questionnaire identifying a live account they will focus on during certification as well as account and skill development goals. The Manager is expected to coach the SAM on strengths and weaknesses throughout the program.

3. Required CSAM Curriculum

The SAM must now complete the required CSAM curriculum: 8 in-person courses (for a total of 11 days in class) within a 24 month period of time. Workshops are delivered publicly through our SAMA University (U.S.) / SAMA Academy (International) ), or privately for large groups from a single company. Each of the 8 workshops has a corresponding e-learning module to refresh the in-person course content. The SAM then has three attempts to pass a multiple choice test on the course content with a score of 80% or above.

4. Final Review Process

Once the curriculum has been completed, the SAM and his/her Manager re-take the SAM Competency Assessment and the scores are compared to the initial competency assessment to determine whether the SAM has made progress toward reaching a higher level of competency of the skills measured. The SAM and their Manager meet for a final time to discuss the results of the two assessments, revisit the account and skill objectives identified at the beginning of the program and finally to document progress toward each element.

SAMA reviews transcript for satisfactory completion of all certification requirements. Review is based upon honest assessments and the inputs documenting your substantive progress in acquiring, practicing and successfully incorporating these essential capabilities.

5. Designation Awarded

The SAM will receive an official certificate conferring the CSAM designation which is signed by the SAMA CEO and Director of Knowledge & Programming as well as an official CSAM logo to use on LinkedIn and business cards.

“We were looking for a way to invest in our account managers that would help us bring greater strategic relevance to our largest global clients. SAMA offered Xerox a powerful and cost-effective solution to raise the bar. Assessment allowed us to establish the base line. The CSAM Program provides us with a powerful set of tools to drive meaningful growth with our highest-potential global clients.”
Cam Hyde
SVP Global Accounts Operations
Xerox Corporation



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