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The total cost of the CSAM program is based on the geographic location of event’s you attend and your current level of membership. The CSAM program may be paid in one lump sum or on a pay as you go basis.

Full-payment in advance option:

Please find the proper category you would fall in to calculate your pay in advance price.

Membership Level: SAMA University (U.S.) SAMA Academy (Europe Only) SAMA Academy (Asia-Pacific)
Corporate Member $11,000.00 11,000.00€ $11,000.00
Individual Member $12,000.00 11,500.00€ $12,000.00
Non-Member $13,500.00 13,000.00€ $13,500.00
CSAM fees ($3,000.00) are included in the above packages

Pay-as-you-go option:

If you decide to pay as you go, the following fees may be paid individually.

CSAM fees: Total of $3,000

  • Enrollment: $500
    • Includes candidate processing, enrollment questionnaire, and SAM competency pre-assessment.
  • E-learning Modules and Tests: $250 per course
    • Following attendance at each of the 8 in-person courses, the CSAM candidate is required to purchase an e-learning module and corresponding test. For the full program, the 8 e-learning modules and tests cost $2,000.
  • Exit Fee: $500
    • Includes SAM competency Post-Assessment, Final Review Questionnaire, and review of transcript by SAMA staff.


CSAM Tuition:

In addition to the fees listed above, tuition for the in-person training is due at the time of attendance according to the following schedule:


North & South America (USD)


1-Day 2-Day 3-Day
Corporate Member $895 $1690 $2385
Individual Member $945 $1790 $2535
Non-Member $1095 $2090 $2985

Fee must be paid at time of registration in U.S. dollars ONLY.

EMEA (Euros)


1-Day 2-Day 3-Day
Corporate Member 845€ 1,590€ 2,235€
Individual Member 895€ 1,690€ 2,385€
Non-Member 1,045€ 1,990€ 2,835€

Fee must be paid at time of registration in Euros ONLY.

Asia-Pacific (USD)


1-Day 2-Day 3-Day
Corporate Member $895 $1690 $2385
Individual Member $945 $1790 $2535
Non-Member $1095 $2090 $2985

Fee must be paid at time of registration in U.S. dollars ONLY.


Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Must be employed in a role equivalent to a strategic account manager.
  • Must be actively managing at least one strategic account.
  • Must have the support of a direct manager or leader within your organization.
Enrollment fee includes:
  • Program Pre-Assessment Tool. Multi-rater (360-style) feedback
  • Support to tailor your certification programming around your custom assessment results
  • Access to SAMA’s Learning Management System including
    • Materials Fee
    • Administrative Support
  • Optional: Business Case Development support for select candidates

Enrollment is $500 for all categories of membership.

Purchase of enrollment does not guarantee CSAM designation, only candidates who complete all program requirements will be awarded the CSAM designation.

Individual and Corporate Members: Qualify for discounts on in-person training courses. Corporate member groups may request in-house delivery of some or all of the in-person components. Contact to register a group or request in-house or hybrid programming.

Non-Members: Join SAMA as an individual or corporate member now to qualify for discounts on in-person training courses. Visit SAMA’s Certification Center to join as a member and enroll in the certification program with a single purchase. Enrollment with one and two year membership options are available.

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