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The CSAM training curriculum is built around SAMA’s SAM competency model, which was greatly informed by SAMA's research and benchmarking of competency models of leading companies from the SAMA community. CSAM training focuses on behavioral change using proven best practices. The involvement of the SAM's manager and peers ensure greater internal understanding and support for the SAM's role and strategic customer objectives.

The program is designed to be completed in as few as 12-18 months CSAM Candidates will have access to the LMS for 24 months. Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Critical Skills for Strategic Account Managers

(recommended start)

(2 day session)

Faculty: Revenue Storm

This course provides an introduction to the critical skills and competencies of a strategic account manager and the mindset for business, sales and financial management that differentiates a SAM from a traditional salesperson.

Leading & Managing a Multifunctional Team

Faculty: Mercuri International

This course develops strategic account managers in the essential skills for leading and managing multifunctional, and sometimes geographically remote, teams. Interactive exercises cover team leadership, influencing without authority, trust and communication, culture and coaching. Attendees will apply the relevant insights to a personal Account Team Plan.

Strategic Negotiation: Changing the Conversation from Price to Solutions

Faculty: Think! Inc.

The strategic account manager is uniquely positioned to undertake negotiations that will result in not just a good deal but a great deal. Using a current account, attendees will learn how to diagnose the underlying structure or “blueprint” of negotiation, manage highly complex negotiation, acquire power in negotiation and deal with irrational negotiation behaviors.

Buyer’s Perspective: Create, Communicate and Quantify Value for CxO Impact

(2 day session)

Faculty: Corporate Visions

This course provides a unique point of view from the other side of the desk - where your customer sits. This session shares a buyer’s perspective on how investment decisions are made. You’ll gain strategies for engaging executive-level buyers and effectively positioning the business value of your solution.

Creating Joint Solutions with Strategic Customers

Faculty: The Summit Group

Value is created by delivering relevant, differentiating solutions that impact what the customer cares most about. This interactive workshop equips strategic account managers with a proven approach and tools to create collaborative, joint solutions – with the customer – that maximize business impact, increase loyalty and accelerate sustainable, profitable growth.

Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning

(2 day session)

Faculty: Performance Methods, Inc.

Strategic account managers will discover the keys to effective strategic account planning through proven best practices and, using an active account, build a customer-focused account plan during this high-energy, interactive workshop.

Using Presentations to Drive Customer Engagement

Faculty: IMPAX Corp.

The presentation elements of the buy/sell cycle are critical to the success of strategic account relationships. To be effective the SAM has to make business presentations at all levels of the customer’s organization and at different stages of the selling and relationship management cycles. The challenge of balancing effective presentation content with professional, compelling delivery is often a deal breaker. Attendees learn how to successfully compete in a variety of business-to-business presentation situations while differentiating their company and its offering from the competition.

Becoming "Customer Intelligent" - Driving Trust and Value for Strategic Accounts

(recommended final course)

Faculty: Walker

Strategic account managers serve a vital role which demands a complete understanding of the customer to drive value while delivering profits for their own organization. To be effective they must thoroughly understand their customer's business issues and be able to mobilize the resources to meet and exceed customer expectations. They must be more than just "responsive." Rather, they must anticipate and even predict problems before they occur.

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