New in 2014:  SAMA’s SAM Program Assessment Tool

Have you ever wondered how your SAM program compares to best-in-class programs? Have you struggled to determine areas of weakness in your SAM program? Do you need data to support your requests for additional resources?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then SAMA’s new SAM Program Assessment tool is designed for you.

For 50 years, SAMA has been working with the world’s leading SAM programs to improve business results. Using this knowledge, SAMA has developed a tool that quantitatively assesses the relative maturity of a SAM program across a number of key enablers. Whether you wish to assess your account selection/de-selection process or the efficacy of your CRM system, SAMA’s SAM Program Assessment will provide you practical guidance regarding the components necessary to achieve profitable growth of your strategic accounts and the data to support these assertions.

The SAM Program Assessment output consists of an aggregate number which is compared to companies across the SAM maturity spectrum (see the accompanying diagram). Additionally, you will receive specific practical guidance regarding areas to devote additional resources to move your program toward best-in-class status. Also available is an in-person debriefing with SAMA CEO Bernard Quancard (additional charges apply).

We will not share any individual company scores, nor will we identify either the best or the worst in any category.

For additional information regarding the SAM Program Assessment, contact Harvey Dunham at 312-251-3131, ext. 36, or