SAMA's Assessment Tool was introduced in 2012.

Over 40 companies from 25 industries have utilized this resource.

More than 1800 evaluations have been completed to date.


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Individual: $300

Non-Member: $425

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Assessment Overview

SAMA’s Competency Assessment Tool evaluates the performance of Strategic Account Managers (SAMs) around the core competencies and skills necessary to achieve improved business outcomes based on SAMA’s 50 year pedigree of studying best practices in the area of Strategic Account Management. The assessment tool identifies strengths and areas for improvement to help SAMs and their manager(s) build a personal development roadmap to achieve their desired results.


Facilitates meaningful coaching. The tool identifies gaps in perception of skills and weaknesses between strategic account managers and their manager(s) and peer(s). It may be used to create individual development plans or be incorporated as part of the annual review process.

Up to four evaluators’ input. The tool is based on a 360 model of assessment and can incorporate reviews from up to 4 evaluators made up of both manager(s) and peer(s) to provide a complete picture of a SAM’s job performance.

Encourage internal alignment. A bar chart follows each competency and skill within the report and contains five points of interest:

  • Self-the score the SAM submitted as a self-assessment
  • Manager(s) – the score the SAM’s manager(s) gave when assessing the SAM
  • Peer(s) – the score the SAM’s peer(s) gave when assessing the SAM
  • SAMs in your company – the average self-assessment score of all SAMs that took the assessment within your company
  • All SAMs – the average self-assessment score of SAMs from all participating companies
  • All Managers – the average score of Managers from all participating companies

Targeted training. Based on the results of the assessment, SAMA can recommend best in class training options around specific skill sets at SAMA University and SAMA Academy.

Custom reporting available. The tool is flexible and can allow multiple reporting options. For example, a company can compare the aggregate results from one division and compare them against one or more other divisions within the same company. Additional fees may apply.


How do I complete the assessment tool?
Please contact the SAMA assessment team at with any questions you might have. The appropriate SAMA staff member will respond to you promptly.


Is the assessment conducted online?
Yes. SAMA will help facilitate the assessment process including the initial set-up, positioning, administration of the assessment and reporting of the results.


How long does the assessment take to complete?
The assessment typically takes a person approximately 1 hour to complete. The variance depends on the input of comments (optional) which both the subject and any evaluators may write to justify a particular rating.


What are the core competencies of a Strategic Account Manager?
See SAMA’s competency model that shows the core competencies of and skills of a successful Strategic Account Manager. The SAM Assessment is directly aligned with SAMA’s competency model for SAMs.


Can I take the assessment tool without being enrolled in SAMA’s CSAM program?
Yes, the assessment tool can be taken without being enrolled in SAMA’s certification program.


I’m interested in the assessment tool, where should I begin?
Please contact the SAMA Assessment team at or 312-251-3131 and ask to speak with Jenna DeAngelis or Frankie Cusimano


Where can I go to view sample questions?
Please see the sample assessment short report here.


What is a typical assessment process?
  • 1. Determine the subjects and corresponding evaluators (up to four) from your company.
  • 2. Provide this information to SAMA including names, email addresses, and designate which evaluators are managers and which are peers.
  • 3. Send communication to all those participating in the assessment which platforms both the purpose and function of the SAM assessment.
  • 4. SAMA will send out email invitations to all participants to complete the assessment(s).
  • 5. SAMA will monitor progress, provide status reports, and send email reminders to those who have not completed the assessment.
  • 6. SAMA will collect the individual reports and deliver them in accordance with company policy.

For additional information, please email the SAMA Assessment team at or call 312-251-3131 and ask to speak with Jenna DeAngelis or Frankie Cusimano