Q: What type of Membership does SAMA offer?
A:  SAMA offers two levels of membership: individual and corporate membership.

Q:  Who in my company would benefit from SAMA membership?
A:  There are benefits for everyone in your SAM Program.  View our Key Areas to Benchmark Excellence  page

Q: Can resource credits be applied toward SAMA events?
A: No. Resource credits are limited to the acquisition of resources only.

Q: Do you have any regional chapters?
A: No.

Q: How does the SAMA billing cycle work?
A: SAMA provides a full year of membership beginning the month we receive your payment and running until the same month the following year. We are happy to provide a group invoice to a company with more than one member.

Q: Is membership transferable?
A: Yes. You may transfer a membership from any member in good standing to any other individual who meets membership requirements in the same company at no charge.

Q: If I leave my company, can I take my membership with me?
A: When an individual pays for his or her own membership, he or she is entitled to take the membership with them to their new company. Contact the SAMA membership department for details.

Q: Can I try out a 24-hour membership?
A: No. However, you can get involved with SAMA by signing up for our newsletter, joining our LinkedIn discussion group and follow us on Twitter.

Q: Are you going to put me on some sort of list and sell it?
A: Under no circumstances are SAMA members’ demographics released to any party outside of the membership. On a limited basis, SAMA members may be surveyed by SAMA’s research partners for the purpose of creating studies intended to broaden the knowledge base of the strategic account management community.


Strategic Account Management Resources

Q. What is strategic account management (SAM) and how do you recommend I begin to learn the fundamentals of SAM?
A: Visit What is Strategic Account Management to find our definition of SAM.

Q: What’s the quickest way to find resources on a particular subject?
A:  Visit our Resource Search page.

Q: I’d like to contact some other SAMA members who are knowledgeable in certain areas of strategic account management. How can I do this?
A: Corporate members, as part of their benefits, can get personalized help with benchmarking.  Contact Bobbie Zimny at 312.251.3131 x15 for more information. Individual members will have the opportunity to benchmark through our peer-to-peer network, coming soon.

Q: How do I find out about available SAM speakers, consultants and trainers and their areas of expertise?
A: SAM speakers, consultants and trainers who are members of the organization are listed in the member database; others are listed as professionals who have presented case studies, subject sessions and / or skill building workshops at various SAMA events.

Q: My company wants to provide on-site training for our strategic account managers – can SAMA help with this?
A: For corporate members, SAMA can provide referrals to selected consultants and trainers that a member can contact directly for consideration of their training needs.

Q: What is the process for submitting a speaker proposal for a session at an upcoming SAMA meeting?
A: SAMA accepts proposals throughout the year for upcoming meetings. For individual meetings, there will be a Call For Practices providing detailed information about the event and asking for submissions of proposals for specific sessions and workshops. Proposals typically provide a brief overview of the proposed session along with the key learnings and an outline of the major areas covered in the session. Please complete a Call For Practices Submission Form. For more information, contact Elisabeth Cornell at 312.251.3131 x16.

Q: Does SAMA partner with other companies, consulting firms or academics to conduct some of its research studies?
A: Yes. If you’re planning a research project in an area related to strategic account management and wish to discuss potential collaboration with SAMA, please contact Elisabeth Cornell at 312.251.3131 x16.

Q: Can SAMA help me market my new publication on strategic account management?
A: SAMA does not promote, market or distribute any publications other than those of the Strategic Account Management Association. We strive to keep current on the works of thought leaders in strategic account management and related business areas and appreciate news of any recent publications. If you have a publication coming out, we would appreciate receiving a review copy. Please send it to:

Nicolas Zimmerman
Editor, Velocity magazine
Strategic Account Management Association
10 N. Dearborn St. Fl. 2
Chicago, IL 60602

If you are interested in advertising your publication, visit our advertising page.

Q: I have questions about purchasing resources online, whom can I contact at SAMA?
A: For help with buying resources online or over the phone, please contact Frankie Cusimano at 312.251.3131 x28.


Meetings & Events

Q: Does SAMA have a registration deadline for its conference/programs?
A: SAMA does not have registration deadlines, you can register anytime for an event and also register on-site. Please keep in mind that some classes fill up quickly, so please register as early as possible.

Q: If I registered and can no longer attend, am I able to send someone in my place?
A: Yes, substitutions are allowed. Please keep in mind that if your replacement has a different membership status additional fees may apply.

Q: What is the dress code for SAMA’s meetings and events?
A: The dress code for all meetings and events is business casual.

Q: What does the Meeting Fee include?
A:  educational sessions & session materials, breakfast & lunch, receptions & dinners (when offered).

Q: Is my Hotel Room included in the Registration Fee?
A: Your Hotel Room is not included in the Registration fee and is the responsibility of the attendee, SAMA will obtain a limited room block at a discounted rate for the majority of the meetings.

Q: How do I register for a SAMA Meeting:

  • Register online by going to www.strategicaccounts.org.
  • Register via  the (paper) registration form and fax to 312-251-3132 to the attention of Rhodonna Espinosa or scan to espinosa@strategicaccounts.org).
  • Fill out paper form and mail to SAMA-33 N. LaSalle St., Suite 3700, Chicago, IL 60602-3391 , Attn: Rhodonna Espinosa.

Q:  What if I have special dietary needs:
A: Contact Rhodonna Espinosa at 312-251-3131 x38 and she will accommodate your dietary needs to the best of her ability.

Q: If I have a Team to register do I have to fill out individual forms for each person?
A: If you have a Team to register, Rhodonna Espinosa can provide a Team Spreadsheet to best organize and consolidate the paper work.

Q: What forms of payment does SAMA offer?

  • Credit Cards (Amex-Visa-MasterCard–Discover)
  • Check (made payable to SAMA)
  • Wire Transfer (our updated Wire Transfer information can be obtained by contacting Rhodonna Espinosa at espinosa@strategicaccounts.org).




Q: I am interested in writing an article for your magazine, Velocity®. Whom should I contact, and when would my article be due?
A: Article proposals may be submitted anytime. There is no guarantee that an unsolicited or solicited article will be published. Velocity® is both printed and electronically distributed three times a year. Published articles are generally due several months in advance of publication. For deadlines and all other editorial information, contact Nicolas Zimmerman at 312.251.3131 x31 for more details.

Q: I am interested in placing an ad in your magazine, Velocity®. Whom should I contact, and when would my ad be due?
A: Velocity® is published three times a year. Ads are generally due a month in advance of publication. An ad insertion order must be signed and executed to guarantee space in a particular issue. Contact Michael Johnson at 312.251.3131 x20 or visit our advertising page for more details. 

Q: My company would like to be a sponsor at one of your events. How should I get involved in sponsorship opportunities?
Prospective sponsors are strongly encouraged to visit our sponsorship page or contact Michael Johnson at 312.251.3131 x20 to discuss sponsorship opportunities. SAMA’s sponsorship opportunities are “non-traditional” and therefore, prospective sponsors need to communicate openly and understand the basis of SAMA sponsorship before committing to be a sponsor.

Q: My company/organization is holding a meeting that we would like SAMA to sponsor. Does SAMA sponsor other events?
A: SAMA generally does NOT sponsor or endorse meetings or products. However, we will entertain inquiries on a case-by-case basis. Contact Michael Johnson, at 312.251.3131, x20 for details.

Q: My company is interested in adding a link to SAMA’s Web site on our own site. Would you be interested in gaining exposure to a wider audience in this way?
A: Yes, SAMA does appear on other Web sites that address the broad issues of strategic account management. To discuss how to best place SAMA on your site, contact Erin Pallesen at 312.251.3131 x34.

Q: I would like to receive marketing materials from SAMA to distribute to members of my strategic account management team. Who should I contact?
A: Most of SAMA’s marketing materials are available for free download in PDF format via this Web site. However, hard copies of all marketing materials can also be sent to you by contacting Frankie Cusimano at 312.251.3131 x28.